Alexandros Rigas presents the bittersweet comedy - monologue by Willy Russell, “Shirley Valentine”. Shirley is a British woman in her 50’s, a mother of two who now have their own lives and a wife whose relationship with her husband has been lost sometime over the years. Her only "companionship", a fantastic friend we would say, the kitchen wall. Until the day when an insignificant occasion allows her to wake up and find herself again, so she can live life as she wants! A trip to Greece, a table by the sea, a honeysuckle and an ... unexpected acquaintance, will form the scene of her revolution against those who oppressed her. How long, however, will this revolution hold? Will she manage to redefine her relationship with herself and her own people? And finally, is there a second chance in life? A play full of emotion, laughter, tears and surprises ...

The performance will be in Greek with English surtitles. The performance on Thursday 9 May will not have English surtitles.

BESSY MALFA as Shirley Valentine

Translated - Directed by: Alexandros Rigas

Production Co-ordinator: Phil Romanos

Costumes: Eleni Bletsa

Music: Alter Ego

Photos: Christos Kotsireas

Hair Styling: MIRO & MIRO

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