We created PiePie in 2013 in an effort to introduce this delicacy to an international food market, the UK, which is known around the world for offering a plethora of ethnic and international cuisines. The Greek Bougatsa however is something that you cannot find in the UK, even though it's so different from any other kind of pie. Hand stretched, the pastry ("phyllo" or "filo" in Greek) is thin and crispy, like the layers of a Millefeuille. For this reason, we only use Flour, Oil and Butter to prepare our Filo and the only machine used in the preparation is a mixer and a table fan to help stretch the Filo while tossing it in the air. Our Filo is actually hand stretched to almost 2sqm before we place the filling in the middle and fold it many times. This procedure is painstakingly followed for every single Bougatsa we make. And a 2sqm Filo only results in the making of a small 19x15cm Bougatsa pie! We prepare all our Bougatsa pies in the northern region of Greece, in Serres, which is the most famous area in Greece for the making of Bougatsa. It is then frozen and transported all the way to the UK, from where we do our direct distribution. We offer the following fillings: Custard Cream, Feta Cheese, Spinach & Feta Cheese and Minced Meat. We hope this is just the beginning of a mouth watering journey, where we can introduce you to a 600 year old recipe of a pie made by hand using the finest ingredients; a snack or a meal for any time of the day to be enjoyed warm or cold. Kindest regards, Filippos Charalampidis Managing Director Pie Pie

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