I am a qualified Yoga Instructor offering private group and individual classes for students of all ages and abilities who are seeking to strengthen their bodies and calm their minds. My solid background in Psychology and Gestalt Psychotherapy, enhances my ability to provide a holistic body and mind approach.  My interest in anatomy and physiology proves a great tool in working with injury recovery and support.

Perhaps, you are a beginner keen to experience the many benefits of regular practice with the guidance of a skilled and empathetic teacher. Or maybe yoga is already part of your weekly routine and you need a yogi to help you deepen your practice and explore the limits of your own potential. Whatever your goals , I will design a series of bespoke classes to help you succeed.

I teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha yoga, with the practice of pranayama (breathing techniques), relaxation and guided meditation. At times, I use essential oils upon request for optimal relaxation. The classes take place in your own space, studio or work at the time that suits you. Classes provided in both greek and english language for you to choose from.




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London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

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