I’m sure that everyone else admires you for being so dedicated, reliable, committed and efficient!

You have high standards for others, and even higher standards for yourself.

You’ve accomplished almost everything you’ve ever put your mind to, despite the many obstacles that stood in your way.

As far as other people see it, you have a great life. Money doesn’t appear to be an issue, and it looks like you have a supportive environment, a relationship that is waiting for you every night, a family…

But in reality when you are at home, you spend your time thinking about work.

At work, you long to be with your loved ones, or resent the limited time and energy you have to dedicate to anything personally meaningful, ie. having an actual relationship.
Most importantly you feel empty. Unfulfilled. Exhausted.

This whole “work-life balance” isn’t working and you are constantly feeling like you are letting other people down.

You feel like you are finally ready to reach out because you had enough feeling burned out, anxious and driven by perfectionism…

My Hope Is That You Find Exactly What You’re Looking For Here with me.

My aim is to make therapy easy and convenient for busy professionals by offering appointments during the daytime and afternoons, the possibility of texting me in between the sessions, and the ability to do online therapy for those who often travel for work. In addition, you are most welcome to borrow relevant books, which I have chosen (both in Greek and in English) as a way of enhancing the therapeutic process.

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