You work a demanding job, have a busy schedule and it looks like you have a supportive environment, a relationship that is waiting for you every night, or a family.

But in reality, when you are at home, you spend your time thinking about work.

These everyday stresses can turn into anxiety and anxiety can turn into fear.

Stress can become so problematic that it interferes with your daily life. Some common signs of stress include:

  • constant worry
  • restlessness
  • decreased sleep
  • diet change
  • a constant sense of “something bad is going to happen”
  • panicky feelings
  • avoidance of situations or groups of people
  • arguing with loved ones
  • angerWhat is at stake if you don’t take action is things getting worse…Your anxiety creeps in even further and makes your life even smaller. Your relationships start to dwindle, your sense of confidence remains diminished.Things could get worse but if you reach out, they could start getting better today.I can help!

My aim is to make therapy easy and convenient for busy professionals by offering appointments during the daytime and afternoons, the possibility of texting me in between the sessions, and the ability to do online therapy for those who often travel for work. In addition, you are most welcome to borrow relevant books, which I have chosen (both in Greek and in English) as a way of enhancing the therapeutic process.

I'm AXA registered in case you have private insurance.

If you like what you see, call 08002 494930 or send me a message at [email protected]



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