I have been working as a paediatric allergy trainee for the last 2.5 years and paediatric trainee for 10 years.

I am trained in the UK and have worked in World Class Hospital such as the Evelina, Royal London Hospital and St Mary's Hospital. I am a hard working person and I always try to improve myself and learn from my mistakes.

I am not discouraged from the increased workload and through my career I have worked in very busy hospital under demanding conditions, which has helped me to develop resilience and ability to prioritise workload and cope with stress. I enjoy the challenges of paediatrics-paediatric allergy and the constant learning opportunities it poses.

I relish the busy clinics and outpatient settings and feel I am conscientious, reliable, hard working and clinically excellent.

The fact that I have completed MSc, PhD and also passed the Greek paediatric speciality exams and MRCPCH exams shows that there are no limitations or barriers for me in terms of professional development and improvement.

I also support the opinion that medicine is a vocation and a good doctor should be committed to integrity, compassion, altruism, continuous improvement, excellence and working in partnership with the other healthcare workers.

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